Monday, 18 August 2014

Danza Collaborations

improv to improv to improv to improv to improv

On Friday (August 15th), I had the pleasure of working with Phill Wilson and Danza! as part of their Collaborations evening at Fruit in Hull. Phill's improvised piece of music was interpreted by a dancer backstage, who I improvised video of, which was then projected on stage and interpreted by another dancer whose movements were reinterpreted by yet another dancer. Mind-boggling layers of improvisation!

I wasn't aware this was what I would be doing until I arrived on Friday afternoon but this worked well with the evening which also featured a deafening choreographed performance by the dancers to The Holy Orders, as well as some physical theatre and another improvised performance with a solo dancer and dulcimer.

The event sold out but it was an incredible success and not something I have ever witnessed in Hull before. I hope we see more of these collaborative events in the future, and I hope you all go and attend!

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